If you’ve just started dating someone you may be feeling confused about how to handle Valentine’s Day on Thursday. Do you buy a gift? Do you buy a card? Do you plan a fancy night? Do you ignore the holiday completely? You can easily drive yourself crazy over this but rest assured there is a great solution.

The first step is to take a moment to ask yourself how do YOU want to spend Valentine’s Day and what would make YOU happy on Thursday. Would you like to go out for a fancy dinner and/or drinks with your new crush? Would you like to exchange cute little presents? Would you like to ignore the holiday completely? Get clear on how you’d like to spend Thursday and then create a few fun suggestions that would make you happy.

If you decide you’d like to spend some time with your crush on Thursday then the next step, (because you don’t have to be a mind reader), is to bring it up. You can say something like, “Valentine’s Day is on Thursday and that is always such a weird time. What are your thoughts on it?” Most people in new relationships feel awkward about Valentine’s Day so you’re probably not going to surprise your crush by bringing it up.

If your crush says that they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and they don’t ask your thoughts about it you may want to drop the conversation right there. But, if they seem to be up for an honest conversation then this is a great opportunity to create a plan together that will make you both happy.

And if you both agree that gifts could be fun to exchange then may I suggest you buy something sweet and casual for your crush. Perhaps you can buy a book by their favorite author or yours, some tasty candy or chocolate, delicious wine, a lighthearted card or maybe you can even bake them their favorite dessert.

There is no wrong way to spend Valentine’s Day. May you spend it in the way that will make you the happiest, Tracey