Almost every day people tell me that they want to meet someone special and that they see attractive people around them. But they don’t approach them because they lack confidence. OY, if you don’t ever meet that attractive person you’ll never know if that attractive person is actually someone who could have been very special to you. If you can relate to what I’m saying, I hope you’ll follow my advice below on how to confidently approach someone attractive and put an end to this crime against yourself once and for all.


The first step to confidently approaching someone attractive is to embrace that you want to meet someone special and COMMIT to making that dream happen. Then, make a list of 10 reasons why you are awesome to be in a relationship with. Reread that list several times every day, especially before you leave your home. The quicker you embrace your awesomeness the quicker you’ll have electric confidence which attractive people find very attractive. Also, going forward whenever you leave your home make sure you look your best. You don’t need to dress black-tie to run to the drugstore but make sure your clothes are flattering and you are well-groomed.


Then, when you see someone attractive, smile and say hello. Once they acknowledge your friendliness, you can ask them a question about anything you see, hear, taste, touch in the environment. For example, if you are on the train you can ask them what the next stop is or if you are at the grocery store you can ask them how to pick out a great apple. The specific question you ask them isn’t important. What is important is that you exchange words with them.


Every relationship begins with an exchange of words so if you want to meet someone ask them something!


Now that you have broken the ice, you can start flirting with them. I define flirting as a playful “light and breezy” attitude which lets the other person know that you are enjoying yourself and them. You’ll want to speak about happy and positive topics, give them your full attention, and give them direct eye contact about 70% of the time. The most important aspect of flirting is the eye contact so if you aren’t comfortable giving flirty eyes, this is definitely an area you will want to practice and improve.


That, dear ones, is how you masterfully approach someone attractive. If you have any questions about what I wrote please feel free to ask in the comments below. If you are curious about how to actually get a date with that attractive person? Stay tuned for my next blog post 🙂