Happy 2018! If one of your resolutions was to meet someone special you are in luck. We are currently in the online dating peak season and there is a huge spike in the number of singles online so it is the perfect month to meet someone new.


Almost half the adult population is single and many of them are currently looking to meet someone new on the online dating sites. The feeding frenzy closes on Valentine’s Day, so let’s get busy!


Since your main photo is what everyone looks at first on your online dating profile and decides either “yah” or “nay” it is probably the most important part. I recommend you use a headshot of yourself looking relaxed, happy, and confident.


I also recommend you add about 5 additional photos of you doing what you enjoy. People want to see you in your happy environment so feel free to include a photo of you playing your favorite sport or hiking on your favorite trail. Also, make sure to include at least 1 full body shot so others can check out your bod.


As for your bio, you are going to want to keep it short and just include a few of your favorite hobbies or things and what you love about them. Also, make sure to ask people to write you and tell you something about themselves.


For example, if you love horror movies you can share your favorite one, why you love it, and ask them to share theirs with you. If you love reading you can share your favorite book, what you loved about it and ask them to share theirs with you. Also, make sure to include something unusual in your bio about yourself (in a lighthearted way) so you can show off your personality and stand out from the crowd.


If someone interesting messages you online, you can respond with a sentence or 2 about what they wrote and include something positive about their profile. For example, you could ask them where exactly they are located in their photo or compliment something they wrote about themselves. Just make sure to respond quickly because most people are messaging many people and you don’t want to lose momentum with your new friend.


If you’re interested in more online dating tips and want to learn how to ensure you always leave your date wanting more you can check out my book: Flirt For Fun And Meet THE ONE.


I wish you the best of luck during this opportunity-filled time and may you have the love life of your dreams in 2018, Tracey