As a dating coach, I’ve pretty much heard every opinion possible about dating apps so I was really excited to read Glamour magazine’s recent study which asked 1000 women, ages 18 to 44, if dating apps are helping or hurting their love lives.


Glamour found that about half of the women in the study have actually gone on dates with people they met on the apps, 36% found a serious relationship and 12% even married someone they met on a dating app!


I think this is very exciting because there is now proof that dating apps can make your love life better. If you want to meet someone special, or even if you just want to meet lots of someones, I encourage you to invest your precious time and energy on dating apps so that you don’t lose out on opportunities to meet someone new, and potentially special. The Glamour study shows that dating apps have worked for others (some even got married!!!!) and I suspect that they can work for you as well.


The bottom line is that the dating apps provide opportunities and can make it easier for you to meet someone new wherever you are and whenever you want. You can choose to use all of the opportunities on dating apps as an excuse to always be looking for someone “better” and never invest energy in the people you are currently dating. You can also choose to use all of the opportunities on dating apps to meet new people and increase your chances of meeting someone who is healthy, confident and available and has your 5 non-negotiables.


My answer to the question is that dating apps make meeting people easier. What you decide to do with all of the opportunities, and whether or not it helps or hurts your love life, is up to you.