On an almost daily basis, people tell me that they don’t feel confident about their ability to flirt with someone attractive. If you feel that way, you are not alone. The good news is that flirting is a skill which everyone can master. Think of flirting as essentially having a playful attitude which communicates that you are enjoying yourself and the lucky person you are flirting with. Flirting is light and breezy and the goal is simply to have fun engaging with someone interesting.


If you’ve ever enjoyed yourself doing anything you have the ability to flirt confidently.


While you’re flirting with this appealing person make sure to give them direct eye contact about 70% of the time, which is about the same amount of time you devote to looking at the road while you are driving. Eye contact is the MOST essential part of flirting.


Also, make sure to smile as often as possible and assume your this captivating person can do anything successfully. People love to be around others who think highly of them.


Finally, make sure to treat everything this alluring person says as if they are “gems of wisdom” and give them your full attention. Flirting with someone delightful is the perfect time to put down your phone and just enjoy the moments.


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May the flirt be with you, HAH! xoxoxo, Tracey