I have to admit that this is my favorite secret to reveal because I honestly believe that absolutely anyone can become irresistible to the type of person they want to attract.


It isn’t about being born with perfect bone structure, having the fanciest home or wearing the most stylish clothes. Far and above both men and women agree that the most irresistible trait is confidence. When you’re feeling genuinely fantastic about yourself it’s easy to make others feel great about themselves and everyone wants to be around someone who make them feel incredible.


But what if right now you’re feeling a little frustrated about your lack of dating success and you’re not feeling so wonderful about yourself? This happens to everyone and there is A LOT you can do about that. The first step is to choose to spend some of your precious time and energy focusing on everything that you DO have going for yourself. Perhaps your career is going well or you’ve traveled to some amazing places recently?


When you focus on enjoying what you DO you have going for you it allows you to feel better about yourself and attracts a higher caliber of people. Also keep in mind that both men and women agree that the least attractive trait is being bitter. The bottom line is that you’ll NEVER attract a special person if you’re feeling pissed off at their gender. So what choice do you have other than to choose to feel happy to be you?


If you’re convinced or even just suspicious that I might know a thing or two may I suggest that you make a list of 5 reasons why it’s awesome to be you. Then share it with me in the comments below so I can celebrate YOU with you. I look forward to sharing in your happiness 🙂