Apparently, we all turn GREEN this Friday! St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching and the options for fun (and for meeting someone new and exciting) are infinite. You can go to a a parade, a block party, a street festival or even just your local Irish pub. So many singles will be out and about and you are bound to find something fun and social to do on Friday night.


​I predict that many people will be having a drink or two on Friday night so the energy will probably be pretty relaxed wherever you go. If you decide to drink please make sure to pace yourself because drinking too much is sooooo not sexy. ​


​Regardless of where you decide to go, I recommend that if you see someone attractive you smile at them and ask them​ a question. You could ask them if they know what is really making all of the drinks turn green or who was St. Patrick and why is everyone celebrating his death? It doesn’t really matter what that initial question is as long as you are friendly, the question is positive, and it relates to St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you are​ not Irish,​ like me​,  and you don’t know a lot about ​the holiday​, if you have a welcoming energy I bet they’ll be welcoming back to you 🙂


Oh, and while you are speaking with your new friend I recommend that you give them direct eye contact about 70% of the time and focus on this person’s positives.​ The quickest way to inspire someone to focus on your positives is to focus on theirs. ​


May the luck of the Irish be in your favor on Friday night. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone who celebrates!


xoxoxo, Tracey