The deadline for filing your taxes is imminent so taxes have been on my mind lately. Recently I started wondering if perhaps your relationship with Uncle Sam has a lot to do with your romantic relationships?

IRS and dating humor

My theory is that there are two types of single people in this world and both of them have to pay taxes. But, they are very different. I’d love to know if you agree with these two types and/or which type you are:

1. You are the “ORGANIZED” type. All year you’ve been methodically keeping track of your expenses, deductions and donations. You hired a respected accountant to help prepare your taxes and you filed a while ago. You’re now looking forward to a happy refund. You also probably have a straight-forward online dating profile which you created with help from friends in wonderful relationships, you keep track of the people you date, and consistently put in energy to meet someone new.

**My advice to you “organized” types is to consider having a professional dating coach review your profile, have a photographer take your photos and create an action plan to meet someone special. Also, make sure to relax and enjoy yourself on dates.**

2. You are the “GO-WITH-THE-FLOW” type. All year you’ve been throwing your important tax documents in a shoebox. You’ve spent the past few days trying to go through everything while praying you get an extension. You usually look for people to date at your local bar and/or ask friends if they know someone cute and single. You often like to schedules your dates for the very near future and show up with a smile hoping it will all work out.

**My advice to you “go-with-the-flow” types is to attend more organized singles’ events, clarify what is and isn’t working for you and become more confident flirting with someone attractive. Also, spend more time planning your love life so you don’t miss out on great opportunities.**

So honestly, can you identify with either of these types or have I fallen off my rocker? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Regardless, here is a quick piece of super important advice about being single: don’t stand up your dates and most definitely don’t stand up Uncle Sam!

May you get lots of money back from Uncle Sam and lots of attractive singles vying for your attention. XOXO, Tracey