The other day I went horseback riding in Griffith Park.  I love being in nature, I love animals, and it was a beautiful sunny day outside so I was enjoying myself. I noticed that some of the people in the back of the group were having a hard time riding their horses.  I asked the instructor if they needed help and she said that, “the rule for success is to listen to the instructions, ask questions if you need to, and then have confidence that you can make it work.  Those people are still struggling with their confidence.”  I responded by saying, “THOSE ARE WORDS TO LIVE BY!”

She then told me about a personal situation she’s currently dealing with and how she needs to take her own advice and have confidence that she can make it work.  I then thought about how I could apply her “rule for success” to my life and realized that my driving skills could use some help.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I haven’t had a car since college and driving this past month in LA has been stressful for me. I took a driving class and I’ve been practicing the expert’s advice but what has been missing is my confidence.  I decided to apply “the rule for success” to my driving and have confidence that I can make it work.  I’ve since noticed that I’m much more relaxed when driving and I’m probably a better driver now that I believe in my abilities.

Now I’d love to hear from you.  Is it time for you to follow, “the rule for success?”  Are there any areas of your life which could improve if you listen to the advice of experts, ask questions if you need to, and then have confidence that you can make it work?  We don’t have control over much in this world but we do have control over how much confidence we allow ourselves to have.  We might as well give ourselves the best chance for success, no? In the comment section below please let me know about a challenge you are having because I’d be happy to support you as you move forward.  As Henry Ford so famously said, “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. “