Lately my life has been going very well overall.  But I’ve certainly had my share of challenges, especially when I was single. Dating can be a lot of fun but it can also be difficult at times.  It all worked out for me in the end and I’m now happily married.  But like you I’ve spent years being single and it wasn’t always enjoyable.  As much as I wish I could tell you that every relationship before my husband was wonderful I just can’t because it isn’t the truth.  There were many times when I felt disappointed about how a relationship turned out.

Let’s face it, as much as we don’t always like it, we have no control over the way other people act.  BUT, I discovered a secret weapon which can help you minimize the pain you feel from a disappointing relationship and protect yourself from having their negativity turn you into a  bitter person.  This secret weapon is 4 little but powerful words which will enable you to continue to move forward on your journey while being your most attractive self. Can I get a drumroll? They are, “I wish you well.”

So the next time someone you are interested in promises you a date but doesn’t follow through, I encourage you to think to yourself, “I wish you well.”  And mean it.  You never need to actually say these words to them if they don’t deserve your kindness. In fact, you never need to speak to them again if that isn’t a healthy thing to do.  These words are not for them, these words are for you and are all about you being kind to YOU.  These 4 words will protect you from becoming a bitter person who turns off desirable people.  These 4 words will enable you to release the negative interaction and continue to move forward peacefully and happily.  I know these words aren’t always easy but these words directed at your ex will give you peace and enable you to quickly attract someone special who is worthy of you.

May you be happy and have a love life which is exactly what you want it to be.