First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day! Today I’m feeling very grateful to have been raised by such an amazing man.  I love my dad very much and I feel very grateful to have him in my life.   We all have dads and we wouldn’t be here without them.  I hope you are enjoying the day as well.

In the oldie-but-goody video below I reveal one of the main reasons there are so many attractive and accomplished singles who want to meet someone special but can’t seem to meet the right person.  I also provide you with a plan to help guide you toward couplehood success 🙂

If you have any questions about how to go from single to meeting someone special I’d love to answer them in the comment section below.  BUT even better, I’d love to answer your dating and flirting questions LIVE and ON-THE-SPOT!!!!  

I’m so excited to share that on June 28, 2014 I’m going to be in Union Square in NYC along with the Flirt Squad and a camera.  On that exciting afternoon we are going to be taking a limited number of questions and then I’m going to answer your dating questions for free right then and there!!!  The best questions will be recorded and the videos will be shared on youtube and used in future blog posts and newsletters.  If you’d like to join the festivities please email us the dating question you’d like me to answer and we’ll let you know the details.  This is going to be a SUPER fun and social experience and I can’t wait!!!!