Flirting is one of life greatest pleasures.  But if you don’t know how to flirt with someone you’re attracted to then I think you are really going to enjoy the “5 Fun Flirting Tips” article I recently wrote for  In that article I shared that flirting is simply a way of interacting with someone which is fun for both of you.  Almost every day people tell me that they don’t know how to flirt and below are 3 of the 5 points I shared in the article.  To read the full article please click:

1. Give Good Eye

The MOST important part of flirting is the way you look at each other. So if you’re not comfortable looking directly into that Cutie’s eye this is definitely an area you will want to practice and improve. When flirting I recommend you look directly into their eyes about 75% of the conversation while appreciating their best qualities. This will allow your eyes to naturally emit an electric chemistry which will be very inviting and be very hard for your Cutie to resist.

2. Have A Fun Attitude

Flirting is essentially an attitude which shows that you’re enjoying yourself and you’re enjoying the lucky person you’re flirting with. Flirting is not about having an intelligent conversation, flirting is about having a fun and pleasurable conversation.  I coach a lot of singles who have achieved amazing goals by using their intellect and they tell me they don’t know how to flirt. But flirting with Cuties is not about using your brain to communicate.  Flirting is all about using your body to communicate and you can do this by smiling easily, laughing at their jokes and having an overall light and breezy demeanor.

3. Pay Attention

When you are speaking with your Cutie give them your full attention and savor the fact that you are in their presence. In fact I’d like you to imagine that even if a pack of wild coyotes broke down the door you wouldn’t notice because you are just too enthralled with your Cutie. So make sure that when you are flirting your body is completely facing them, you are nodding along with what they are saying, and you are easily sharing that gorgeous smile of yours.

To read the full article on please click: and then get out there and FLIRT!