So Tuesday is tax day, yippee, RIGHT? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to live in the USA and enjoy all of the benefits it offers. But I have to admit that paying taxes isn’t fun.  Speaking of taxes and fun, I thought tax time would be a great time to suggest some CHEAP and FUN dates which don’t include coffee. Like everything related to relationships, great dates just require some creativity and a light, fun, and flirty attitude.

Fortunately, Spring has sprung so you have many more opportunities for fantastical dates both inside and outside.

For a FIRST you can go for a hike even if it is just at a local park, go to a book reading, volunteer together for a cause you’re both passionate about, go kayaking on the nearest river or lake, act like tourists and have a contest to see who can take the best photographs of local landmarks or you could take a dance lesson or a cooking class together. On one of my first few dates with my husband we went RUNNING in Central Park together and that seems to have worked out 😉

If you’ve been DATING A WHILE you can treat each other to massages and watch romantic movies together.  You can cook a delicious meal together and eat it inside with sexy music and candles or grab a blanket and eat under the stars. You can also stay in and play a board game together. My husband and I play backgammon together every once in a while and we laugh the entire time. Of course, when it becomes even warmer you could also go skinny dipping together!

These are just a few options and I encourage you to be creative and devise a few new date ideas yourself.   Now, we want to hear from you. Let us know your favorite cheap date options or if you try out any of the ideas I suggest let us know how it works out.  Let’s open up the conversation and get real with each other. Also, if you like this dating advice article please share it with the single ladies and single guys you know!