At this time of year we are all bombarded with overpriced flowers, heart-shaped everythings and images of fancy shmancy dinners. Valentine’s Day is clearly meant for that special someone in your life but who says that special someone can’t be you? For Valentine’s Day you may want to consider treating yourself to something you’d really like to have such as a new book, a relaxing bath or a spa treatment which will make you happy.

You can choose to make this holiday as big of a deal as you like, it is simply whatever will make you the most happy. I personally think that the best way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to focus on the love that IS in your life and celebrate what IS going right for you. Love comes in many forms, it is not just romantic. In addition to treating yourself to something special, you also may want to write a list of everything and everyone in your life you are grateful for. Chances are there is a lot of beauty in that list. If you’d like to use the day as a way of adding some love to the world, may I suggest you offer to help those who are struggling or less fortunate than you. It can be something as simple as helping a mom carry a stroller up the stairs or helping serve dinner to homeless people at a local soup kitchen.

Almost half of the adult population in the US is single so you are certainly not the only person who is single today. You have many more Valentine’s Days ahead of you and there are many people with whom you could eventually fall in love with. Romance can spark at any age and at any time. Perhaps the best way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to grab a few of your fun friends and head out to a happy event where you can just relax and meet some new people. May your Valentine’s Day be as enjoyable as humanly possible!