Want to wake up tomorrow and see that your online dating profile attracted someone new and exciting? You can!  We all know people who met their special someone through an online dating site and you can too.  If you’re not getting the results you want with your online dating profile, or if you’ve been shy about getting started, we invite you to join Dateologist Tracey Steinberg, author of “Flirt For Fun & Meet The One,” Portrait Photographer Andrea Reese (NY Times, Daily News), and an intimate group of single women for an uber-fun and informative brunch that will launch you into the online dating world with confidence and all the tools you need to find your special someone.

This private event on 12/7/14 at 1 PM includes:

MeByDaniela-FInal* A delicious brunch at the Washington Square Hotel private Deco Room (North Square – Zagat 25.21.23)
* A photo session for your online dating profile with photographer Andrea Reese (
* An information-packed workshop filled with online dating profile tips by Dateologist Tracey Steinberg (
* An individual review of your online dating profile by Dateologist Tracey Steinberg
* A new fabulous support group of women to cheer you on!

In this online dating profile workshop, Dateologist Tracey Steinberg will teach you:

* How to choose the best online dating site for you personally
* How to create an online dating profile that attracts the best of the best
* How to write flirty emails which ensure you get responses from the ones you want to meet
* How to inspire your desirable someone to be desperate to meet you in person
* How to turn that first date into a satisfying relationship and always leave ‘em wanting more!

headshot gray dressThen you’ll each spend one-on-one time with Tracey while she privately and personally reviews your online dating profile and makes specific suggestions as to how your online dating profile can become even more appealing to someone special.  Your registration confirmation will include Tracey’s unique online dating profile questionnaire which you and Tracey will use to help make your current online dating profile even more irresistible and/or create a brand new one that rocks.

While Tracey looks over your profiles, photographer Andrea Reese will take fabulous online dating profile photos of each of you. We all know the importance of having an online dating profile photo that shows your attractiveness both inside and out. Andrea is known for her expertise in creating a warm, friendly environment in which even the most shy people feel comfortable. Your new online dating profile photo will bring out your best, most beautiful and authentic self, attracting just the people you hope to meet. You registration confirmation will include information from Andrea about what to wear and bring for your photoshoot. Andrea will edit your online dating profile photos and send you a link with 3 photos to choose from.

Feel free to come with your single girlfriends and plan on making some new ones.  This is a safe space and we are all here to have fun and support each other’s vision!  

*We have the Deco Room off the lobby of the Washington Square Hotel exclusively reserved for our private group.  The Washington Square Hotel is located at 103 Waverly Place in Manhattan and please reserve your spot directly below.  We can’t wait to see you there!*

Dateologist Tracey Steinberg is also available for a a variety of dating and relationship classes that can be customized to uniquely fit the relationship questions your group wants answered. Tracey’s most popular dating and relationship classes include:


Flirting 101 Class

In this dating class Tracey teaches men and women how to be a sexy and confident flirt. Her flirting tips include how to ensure your non-verbal body language sends the right messages, the importance of great eye contact, how to make certain your new man or woman feels chemistry for YOU, what really attracts men and women to each other and more.

Breaking the Ice Workshop

In this workshop Tracey offers valuable tips and demonstrates how to confidently break the ice and meet new men and women. She also shares tips on topics to discuss, and she shows the best way for men and women to exchange contact information. In addition to being an absolute blast, everyone who attends this workshop is guaranteed to meet new people and walk away with helpful knowledge they can start using right away.

“Where the Men Are” Class for Women

In this dating class Tracey shares dating tips and relationship advice for single women on where to go to meet new men, her favorite tips for recognizing the right man, how to confidently attract this charming man to you, and what you can do to always keep him wanting more.


“She’s Not Out of Your League” Class for Men

In this dating class Tracey offers dating tips and relationship advice to single men on how to confidently succeed with beautiful women. She gives specific tips on what to do to attract beautiful women, how to approach these beautiful women the way they love to be approached, and how to connect with these beautiful women on a powerful level and more.

*All classes can be adjusted to accommodate the number of people in your group and the time allotted. EMAIL US to determine which class is best for your group.*

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    What People Are Saying About Tracey

    "After co-hosting our Learning Annex dating class together twice we were speaking as though we were reading the same script, except we did not have one. No one wanted to leave our class and I left knowing the women now had a new level of introspection and confidence to find that special someone." David Groshen of

    "What made us at ease was her frank and flowing presentation. Tracey gave a special talk to my art students about online dating profile making and first impressions. Because of her ability to relate to our particular group and individual questions, we not only got excited about dating but also benefited from practical applications to present ourselves better in general." Aki Sasamoto, Visual Arts Mentor, Columbia University

    "I got awesome feedback on your workshop. You were lovely to work with and all the participants seemed to enjoy themselves very much." - Caroline Kohles, Senior Director of Health and Wellness at

    "Tracey was such an incredible speaker at Single in Stilettos. She gave single women the most amazing flirting tips & techniques. Even the most shy woman walked away feeling empowered and positive about trying out the new techniques to attract the right guy for her." -Suzanne K. Oshima, Founder of

    "Tracey was an absolute delight to work with. Her flirting techniques made for a great interactive workshop for our HurryDaters." - Adele Testani, Co-Founder of

    "Tracey, it was lovely having you as our guest and the special interactive talkback after the "Miss Abigail" show was wonderful!" Jennifer Tepper, Director of Promotions, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises

    "Tracey's workshop was very informative, entertaining and lively. I hope that she will do another one with my group." Lawrence Chernin, founder of

    "The workshop was fun and entertaining. Tracey had a very nice system of getting everyone to participate. Too bad it had to end so soon!" Diwan Wandi of New York, NY

    "The team approach worked very well, it got people interacting and was fun. And I agreed totally with your answers. Thanks for the seminar!" Kenny Albert of Washington, DC

    "Tonight at Tracey's workshop it became clear to me that I have wasted too many years in dead-end relationships and I committed to myself to never do that again. WOW, I learned so much from Tracey AND I had lots of fun. What a great way to spend an evening!" Lisa Drexel of New York, NY

    "Thanks to Tracey workshop I felt encouraged to meet many guys tonight. For the first time ever, by the end of the night I had given my phone number to 3 different men!!!" Jen Gold of New York, NY

    Dateologist® Tracey Steinberg is located in the New York Metropolitan Area and is available to travel for speaking or press appearances.