Meet Life Coach Tracey, an Executive Life Coach

Since Dateologist® Tracey Steinberg was a teenager, she has been researching how to quickly accomplish goals, especially with respect to finding love and having healthy relationships. Tracey began her career at the age of 24 as a successful civil litigation trial attorney. At that time she had a very active social life as a single woman in New York City (NYC) and was meeting many interesting men.  She thought she was as happy as she possibly could be.

Until she wasn’t. On September 14, 2001 Tracey’s father was diagnosed with a serious illness and she began spending a lot of time with her parents. They are a fantastic team and watching them cope with that ordeal reminded Tracey how incredible it is to go through life with someone who deeply loves you. She was very affected by this time and it made her realize two things: 1.) she deeply wanted the type of healthy marriage her parents have and 2.) she deeply wanted it for everyone else who wants it. After a lot of introspection, learning, and hard work, Tracey’s efforts paid off. Tracey met an amazing man who would later become her happy husband. She also completed her life coaching training with the Coach Training Alliance and then went on to complete both The Sage and Scholar’s Program for Coaching Singles and the Sage and Scholar’s Program for Career Coaching.

Dateologist Tracey Steinberg has since created her own unique “soup to nuts” expert dating coaching program which has successfully helped countless men and women find love, have healthy relationships, and feel more joy on a daily basis. Tracey hosted a dating advice call-in live television show in New York City (NYC) called “Dating Help 911!®” and her dating and relationship expertise have been featured  in various media outlets including “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Fox News, CNN, HLN, TV Land, ABC News Radio, WNBC, WCBS, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Good Day New York, and Bloomberg Businessweek.  Tracey was voted one of the ten best dating experts in the world by and recently released her new book “Flirt for Fun & Meet the One: Dating Secrets From The Dateologist.”

Tracey splits her time between exciting New York City (NYC) and beautiful Los Angeles (LA) and lives with her wonderful husband, two cute cats, and charming Chihuahua. She can best be described as having the personable and supportive demeanor of your best friend mixed with the determination of a top-notch personal trainer. Tracey passionately believes that a successful career, good friendships, and a great lifestyle can bring you a lot of joy, but if your love life isn’t fulfilling you aren’t as happy as you could be. If you are ready to get the life you truly want EMAIL US.

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