Flirting Parties® are quite possibly the MOST fun way to spend a night!

NEW YORK POST describes Flirting Parties as “one part sexy singles event, one part speed dating session and one part informative dating class,” all rolled up into one unique social event.   In addition to being a blast, everyone who attends this unique singles event is guaranteed to meet new people and walk away with valuable knowledge you can start using right away.

Tracey will begin the night by greeting you at the door, introducing you to other singles, and inviting you to play a quick ice-breaker game. Then, TRACEY WILL REVEAL EXACTLY WHAT IS FLIRTING, HOW YOU CAN FLIRT WITH SOMEONE SEXY IN A CONFIDENT WAY, AND WHAT YOU CAN DO TO ENSURE YOUR CUTIE WANTS TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Of course, Tracey shares all of this information in her playful way with lots of happy jokes thrown in to keep everyone smiling.

Since knowledge is useless if you don’t use it, Tracey will then walk around the room and encourage everyone to engage with everyone else.  She’ll also answer your questions, be your wing woman, and offer you on-the-spot individualized flirting tips regarding what you are doing right and what you may want to try in the future.  If you are not 100% comfortable meeting attractive single men or women, Flirting Parties were made for you!!!

The next Flirting Party will be on July 30, 2014 at Legends in NYC.   Tracey is looking forward to being your wing woman and helping you meet, flirt, and date people you are attracted to.

For more information about having Tracey host a private Flirting Party for your group please EMAIL US.


Where exactly is the Flirting Party on July 30, 2014?  Legends is located at 5th Avenue by 33rd Street and we’ll be in the upstairs lounge.

What should I wear to the Flirting Party? Legends is a beautiful sports bar and may I suggest you wear something that makes you feel confident and attractive. An example for the women would be a casual sundress and heels. An example for the men would be jeans, nice shoes and a flattering button down shirt.

I’m feeling nervous about going to the Flirting Party, what should I do? If you are feeling nervous about the night you will fit right in because everyone else is feeling nervous too. But keep in mind that everyone who is going wants to meet everyone else and that includes YOU. For a little extra confidence boost, you might want to think about something that makes you feel great right before you walk into the lounge.

How can I register for the Flirting Party on July 30, 2014?  You can register for the Flirting Party by purchasing your ticket below.  Please note that your ticket is not refundable but you may pass your ticket to a friend after you let us know their name.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?  You just need to bring a positive attitude because once you register your name will be on our list.

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    Flirting Parties


    Curious about what happens at a FLIRTING PARTY? The New York Post recently joined us and then wrote this intriguing article. In the newspaper the article was titled, "Tips From A Temptress!"

    "New York Post"

    Craig Rogers, correspondent for recently attended a Flirting Party and wrote this insightful article about his experience, It is called

    "From Wallflower to Flirtastic"

    Karri Bean, Senior Global Brand Manager of Games at Spin Master Ltd. said, "Tracey is the real deal and amazing. We worked together on combining our board game, Battle of the Sexes with her flirting parties and there was instant chemistry! What I love about Tracey is she genuine and truly loves what she does. Everyone at the flirting party was engaged with Tracey and what she had to say. I was impressed with her level of knowledge and professionalism. I look forward to working with Tracey again!"

    Marc Hupert of NY, NY said, "I learned a lot of interesting things at Tracey Steinberg's Flirting event last night. It was a fun night. Thank you!"

    Tanya Dresner, of NY, NY said, "It was great receiving feedback on my interactions with men from an outsider. I know that I have a narrow field for what I look for but it was interesting to learn that by being open-minded and talking to men who are not normally what I look for could still help me gain what I ultimately want to achieve. Thanks again!"

    Robin Jenkins of NY, NY said, "Working with Tracey was simply a lot of fun! She succeeded in getting me out of my comfort zone, helped me to feel much more positive, and made me more aware of how to engage with and respond to people I'm meeting. It was great having someone cheer me on, and who was focused on me and in my corner! I experienced a difference and have enjoyed my experiences since then much more."

    Jeff P. of Hoboken, NJ recently said to me, " I had so much fun interacting with all sorts of women and it was truly eye opening to see how easy it was to approach women. It has been so much easier since our time together. It has only been a little while but I am now able to connect with women in ways I wasn't able to before. Thank you Tracey!"

    Lisa B of Brooklyn, NY recently said to me, "I can't thank Tracey enough for helping me to live "in the moment." Once you showed me that by being lost in thought I was losing opportunities to meet men my whole world opened up. Lately I have been attracting more men than I ever thought possible and I wish I met you years ago. But I now know better than to harp on that!!!! You changed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."