Confidence. It’s a powerful word and an even more powerful feeling. Take a moment to think about a time when you felt really confident. (Go ahead… I’ll wait!)

The good news is that there are concrete steps you can take to build your confidence in 2019 so you can feel that way anytime you want for the rest of your life. Our minds are incredibly powerful and we can create confidence whenever we want if we have the right tools.

Below are 5 of my favorite tools to boost your confidence in 2019.

  • Think about something you can be grateful for. You probably have so much! Right now you have access to a computer and you can read. You probably also have some money and people in your life who care about you. What else do you have that you can be grateful for and that’s unique to you?

  • Schedule time to do something you’re good at to remind yourself that you have many talents and you are capable of so much. Also, don’t forget that there was a time when you weren’t able to do what now comes easily to you. Enjoy that journey and be proud of your ability to grow.

  • Take some deep breaths and visualize yourself succeeding in a goal you’d love to achieve. Enjoy how great it will feel when you do.

  • Compliment others. Yes, it feels great when someone appreciates you. But it feels even better to give an authentic compliment knowing that you helped someone else feel good about themselves.

  • Find a role model or mentor who has achieved the goal you want to achieve and be inspired by them. Learn as much as possible about how they achieved their goal and know that if they can do it, it is possible for you too.

You always have the ability to focus on positive thoughts that build your confidence and when you consistently choose confidence-building thoughts over time they become your normal way of thinking.

I encourage you to speak kindly to yourself and choose positive thoughts that make you feel great in 2019!

XOXO, Tracey