Flirting over text and flirting IRL is all about being playful, charming and fun. Flirting over text isn’t any harder than flirting in real life. It’s just different. Since most people communicate by texts before agreeing to go on dates its important for you to master texting. The good news is that as long as you keep your focus on enjoying yourself while you are texting with your crush there’s a good chance your crush will enjoy you as well.


Flirting is always easiest when you’re in a good mood so the first step to sending fun, flirty texts is to think of something that makes you feel happy and confident. That way you’ll naturally write texts that are fun, playful and engaging.


Then send a light and fun text to your crush about a fun conversation you two previously had, something you saw recently that you think your crush would enjoy or ask your crush about something good that happened to them recently. An example could be, “I just watched a trailer for a documentary about (insert crush’s fav subject). You are so right, it looks soooo interesting!”


As you continue texting with your crush make sure to ask open questions which your crush can’t answer with one-word answers so that the conversation doesn’t die off. Also, you’ll want to use your crush’s name occasionally and find a subtle way to give your crush a compliment such as, “you are so knowledgeable about (insert crush’s fav subject), such the smarty pants! What else are you this knowledgeable about?”


Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure to skim your texts before pressing send so you put your best foot forward. Oh and make sure that you and your crush text each other about equally. Think of texting like a game of tennis and make sure to hit the ball into their court (send a text) only after they’ve hit it into yours (receive a text).


If you both seem to be having fun sending flirty texts back and forth it may be time to schedule a date. One option is to say something like, “I’m having fun texting you, I suspect I’d enjoy seeing you even more.” Then you can ask your crush’s opinion about a new place nearby (such as a restaurant or coffee shop) and then see if they’re up for meeting you there soon.


If you make a date and you’re ready to end the texting on a good note tell them you need to bounce and briefly state where you’re off to and then tell them that you’re looking forward to seeing them. If you’d prefer to text more before making a date you can tell your crush briefly why you have to leave and that you’re looking forward to texting more later.


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