If you want to meet someone IRL the most important step you can take is to put down your phone and your headphones and be present in your surroundings.


Then when you see someone interesting you can make eye contact, smile at them and be open to meeting them. If the thought of that makes you uncomfortable just think of it as swiping right IRL, which I suspect you do pretty easily. I also suspect that you’ll be in awe of how many people smile back at you!


Look, if you want to meet new people you need to do new things. Here are 5 ways you can meet someone new IRL:


1. Expand Your Social Circle – Attend all parties and happy hours and if you feel like you’ve already met all of your friends’ friends then plan your own party. Tell your friends that they have to bring someone who no one else already knows and they can even bring someone they met that day.


2. Try New Activities – Think of the type of places the person you’d like to meet would go and show up there ready to meet new people.


3. Deviate From Your Routine – Go to a different coffee shop or grocery store and see who frequents those other places.


4. Volunteer for A Cause You Care About – Meet kind-hearted people who you already have something in common with.


5. Join A Group that meets regularly and go alone – This will give you both the comfort to speak to someone new and the confidence for others to speak to you.


Dating Apps have made it easy to meet someone new while relaxing on your couch in your sweats. But almost everyone I speak with agrees that they are not without their own problems.


Long before dating apps came on the scene humanity existed because people met each other IRL. I hope you’ll try out some of these ideas and meet someone new IRL too.


Please let me know when you do! XOXO, Tracey