Let’s face it, the cold dark days of winter, along with the crazies often associated with the holidays, are not always the ideal conditions to inspire you to want to get out of your warm home and go on a date with someone you barely know.


BUT, you never know who will turn out to be A LOT more special than you had originally thought and the only way to really find out is to go on a date with them. So, put on some happy music and get yourself psyched up to embrace the fun of wintertime dating!


Here are 4 super fun ideas for winter-friendly first dates:


1. Meet up for hot cocoa at a cafe and then walk around a neighborhood with beautiful holiday decorations.


2. Go ice-skating. It is active, but not too active, and you have a great excuse to hold hands. Yes, it is cold and no one will be able to dress sexy. But being cold is a great excuse to cuddle up and everyone looks cute all bundled up.


3. Do something fun indoors such as rock-climbing, bowling or go to a trivia night at a local bar.


4. Make a date for spiced cider at a bar with a fireplace and then walk around a nearby holiday market.


What are your favorite wintertime first dates? Let us know in the comment section below.


Oh, and PLEASE don’t ever leave your home for a wintertime date without lip balm. The perfect smooch opportunity could arise and you may need your lips looking irresistible 😉