Sending flirty texts to someone attractive who you don’t know very well can be a little intimidating. But, if you know these 3 “flirTexting” rules it can be quite easy to attract that sexy someone with flirty texts.

Rule 1. FlirTexts are best when they are brief and fun.

The goal of “flirTexting” is to spark their curiosity about you and make them want more. So send texts that are playful, interesting or silly. You can share something random and funny that happened to you that day or you can say something silly like, “I bet you my day can beat up your day.”

Rule 2. FlirTexts are best when you bring up a topic they love.

You are so much more likely to get a quick text back if you ask them about a topic they enjoy such as their favorite team or their dog. One of my favs is to text over a photo of yourself smiling with their favorite drink or dessert in your hand.

Rule 3. FlirTexts are best when they are confidence-boosters.

Sending a text which lets tflirting over textshem know what you appreciate about them can be very attractive. We all want to feel good about ourselves and everyone wants to be around others who find them exciting. You can text something like, “Good morning, green-eyes.” You can also send something like,  ”I’d wish you good luck at your meeting, but you already know exactly what you’re doing.”

Other than being very brief, the same rules of flirting with someone in person apply when flirting over texts. Follow these 3 “FlirTexting” rules and you’ll have that sexy someone begging to see you in person.