When I begin coaching many of my clients, they often feel frustrated by their lack of success in their love lives. But a frustrated energy is an unattractive energy and that energy will get in the way of moving their love life forward.  There will always be someone or something you want but don’t have and if you focus your time on that you’ll always feel empty. If instead you choose to savor who and what you do have in our lives right now you will feel a lot better and attract the type of people and opportunities you deeply want.

One of the first things I do with my clients is to help them appreciate all of the good that is already in their lives so that they can switch into a more positive and attractive mind set. It is only when we value what we already have that we can feel genuine happiness, develop better self-esteem and have an attractive energy. I know you’ve heard me mention this before but I need to once again repeat that the sexiest trait is confidence. Once my clients start feeling more grateful for everything that is right in their lives they start to feel more confident about themselves, their love lives change dramatically, and they are able to achieve dreams they didn’t think were possible.

One of the first action steps I encourage many of my clients to take to keep a positive mind set is to write down 5 things they’re grateful for and 5 things they did successfully every day in a journal. I do it as well and I LOVE it when I can write that a client got engaged or a media appearance went really well. But not every day is like that. In fact, on my not-so-great days I’ve literally written down that I brushed my teeth twice that day. That may sound silly but even writing something as small as that helps me shift into a more positive mind set and I go to sleep feeling more confident and more relaxed than I was before.

I invite you to start a gratitude/success journal and let me how it works out. In the comments section below let me know if you’ve ever written in this type of journal before and how it worked out for you. I’d also love to know what you are grateful for in your life because I’d like to celebrate it with you!