If you are like a lot of the single people I coach you may not be feeling great about Thursday’s holiday. Believe me when I tell you that you are not the only one who isn’t spending Thursday having a fancy shmancy dinner with your gorgeous lover while drinking champagne, eating chocolates and exchanging cards. If you are feeling bad about that it is time to stop. Valentine’s Day is simply about celebrating the love that IS in your life. Love comes in many forms, it is not just romantic. Love is available to you on Valentine’s Day and every other day of your life.

Being single on 2/14/13 is really no different than being single on 1/14/13. It is just a day and you can choose to make the holiday as big of a deal as you want depending upon what makes you happy. If you are single and want to make it a romantic day you can watch a romantic-comedy movie such as “When Harry Met Sally,” “An Officer and a Gentleman,” or “The American President.” You can also spend the day adding love to the world by volunteering to help animals, the elderly, or children in need.

Valentine’s Day can also be the catalyst you need to make some necessary changes in your life. If you are serious about having this be the last Valentine’s Day you spend single I invite you to reach out to me. I’ve helped hundreds of singles meet someone special and perhaps I can help you as well.