The article below was written by Kara Yacovone after interviewing me.  Kara is my new intern and I’m so excited she has joined us this summer!

Have you ever wondered how much information you should reveal to someone you met online? A part of you may be excited to tell them about yourself but it is really important to be smart because unfortunately some people online aren’t who they say they are. In order to avoid possible future trouble, may I suggest that you avoid posting your phone number, where you live, where you work, and even your email address in your profile. Also, if you meet someone online and anything sounds weird, inappropriate, or rude, trust your instincts and move on no matter how attractive they may appear to be.

Years ago when I was single I was IM’ing with someone I had just met online. I told him my first name, my age and where I went to school. Within a few minutes of IM’ing with him he called me. He had used what I shared with him to get my phone number, which meant he also knew my home address. I told him that it was really creepy that he called me without an invitation and fortunately he left me alone after that. But I learned a valuable lesson which is that the more information you share, the easier it is for people to enter your life without your permission.

If you decide to meet someone you met online in person, may I suggest that you choose a public place and have your own transportation back and forth. You also may want to let a friend know where you will be and prearrange with your friend that you will text them after you arrive to let them know you are alright. I strongly believe online dating is an amazing way to meet someone special and I know many people who have married people they met online, including several clients of mine. I hope you find what you are looking for online as well, happy online dating!