Being “SMexy” is about having both smarts and sex appeal and it is within everyone’s reach no matter your looks or age. SMexy people look their best and think their best and they always seem to have attractive people wanting to be around them. Below are my top 3 tips that you can start using right away so that you can become more irresistibly SMexy:

1. Greet everyone you see with a big smile and let them that know you are happy to see them.

2. Look people directly in the eye when you speak to them and give them your full attention. The longer and more direct the eye contact you give to someone, the more you’re telling that person that you’re interested in them and that you value your time with them.

3. Look for the good in people and let them know why you think they’re fantastic to be around. Point out what you appreciate about them, including how much you enjoy their company, how you’re inspired by them, or how much you admire the choices they’ve made in their lives.

When you let people know that you are happy to see them, value your time with them and appreciate them, people will think of you as SMexy also! I invite you to let me know your favorite tips for looking and feeling SMexy in the comments section below.

Ladies, if you would like to become more SMexy, meet more attractive men, and make some new single girlfriends, I invite you to join us for a Flirting Party this Wednesday. Also, ladies I invite you to join us for another “How Not To Stay Single” class at The Learning Annex on February 2, 2012. For more information about both events please go to my classes and workshops page. I look forward to connecting with you soon, Tracey