As a coach, I often ask certain questions which help my clients figure out what they deeply want in life and the best way to get it.  Below are a few of the questions I often ask.  I’m sharing them with you so that you could ask yourself these questions.  I have seen people answer these questions and dramatically improve their lives.

1. What effect do you want to have on the world? Your existence is going to have an effect on the world so it’s important to think about what effect you want that to be. Do you want to create a beautiful family, cure a disease, or help others in need? If your answers are unclear, I recommend you ask yourself this question every day until your answers become clearer.

2. Why are you spending your time worrying? Worrying is essentially fear and anxiety about a hypothetical event. This event may or may not happen and you have little, if any, control over the result. Worrying about hypothetical events ruins your happiness and distracts you from doing what is truly in your best interest. To stop worrying, I encourage you to instead think about what you are grateful for and do not stop until you are no longer worried.

3. Is that really going to keep you safe? The short answer is that life is unpredictable so you never can really keep yourself safe. The best way to cope with this fact is to develop the courage to go for what you truly want while having the faith that you will be able to do whatever you need to do when the time arises.

4. Are your thoughts helping you or hurting you? Your level of happiness at any given moment is determined by your thoughts. If you create a miserable story you will suffer in pain. If you create a positive story which focuses on gratitude you will feel joy. I start every morning by telling myself that today I will choose joy, balance and peace. I suggest you always choose the thoughts that will help you live the life you want.

I hope that after you ask yourself these questions, you’ve learned a little more about yourself.  I’d love to hear how asking yourself questions affects you so please share your answers in the comments below.