Now that beach season in full swing, you may have had a few, “is this really how my body looks?” thoughts. ¬†Next time you are tempted to think negatively about your body parts, I recommend that you instead focus on what your body is capable of. Worship your legs for enabling you to catch the train, adore your arms for enabling you to carry heavy packages, and celebrate your smile for revealing the joy in your heart.

By consistently focusing on your gratitude for your body, you’ll grow to appreciate your body more and feel more confident about yourself. Feeling gratitude for your body will not only help you feel better about your appearance and yourself in general but it is also very attractive to the sexy strangers you see on the beach. My male and female clients both consistently tell me that the most attractive trait in the opposite gender is confidence. By focusing on what you appreciate about your body, you will not only feel better about yourself but you’ll also be more attractive to sexy strangers as well!