The weather’s warmer and the days are longer, and summer is a great time of year for romantic, outdoor dates.  Here are 10 creative and fun ways to make the most of your summertime dates:

1.  Bring some delicious food, a bottle of wine, and a blanket for a picnic.
2.  Go to the beach, build a sand castle and play volleyball in the sand.
3.  Watch outdoor concerts, movies or plays under the stars.
4.  Learn about wines at the wineries.
5.  Go kayaking or canoeing on a lake.
6.  Go to the zoo and enjoy the animals.
7.  Go to street fairs and festivals or a parade together.
8.  Take a day trip somewhere and travel by bikes.
9.  Go hiking and then camping overnight.
10. Enjoy the magnificent views from a hot air balloon ride.
If you have a great idea for a summertime date, I’d love to hear it!  Please post your ideas in the comments section below.