Imagine how amazing you would feel if you had bullet-proof confidence every day of your life. Here are a few ways to give yours a boost and help get you on your way.

AWESOME COMPLIMENTS- If you receive a compliment take it at face value. So, if a co-worker tells you they love the way you dress, add “stylish” to your list and if your friends are still talking about the party you hosted, add “good at entertaining” to your list of traits. Lingering on compliments, instead of dismissing them, helps reinforce strengths you may not even know you had and helps you become more aware of the ways other people appreciate you.

YOUR SKILLZZZZ- Think back to a time when you were fully engaged in what you were doing and loving every moment of it. My guess is that you were probably doing something you excel at. Perhaps you were taking pictures at a friend’s party or fixing your broken ipad. Choosing to spend time doing the things that you love makes you feel good and reminds you of your successes and strengths.

YOUR HOTNESS- Take a good look in the mirror and find 3 parts of your body you like. Then take a few moments and think about how grateful you are for all your body has done for you. Perhaps your gorgeous legs helps you catch the train or your awesome singing voice helps you win the karaoke contest. From here on out, I urge you to define your appearance by your favorite features and to feel grateful for all they do for you.