When my clients first start working with me they often tell me that the reason they haven’t yet achieved their goals is because something is preventing them. Some tell me it is because of their appearance, their age, their parents, their past relationships, their lack of relationships, their successes, their failures etc…
But, I am here to tell you that those are all excuses.  They will keep you in a state of being a helpless victim and helpless victims don’t accomplish their goals. If you truly want to achieve your goals then it is time to take the first step and become radically honest with yourself and others and acknowledge this truth.
You are 100% responsible for the results you are getting. 
The beauty in that statement is that you also have the power to get the results what you want. I have repeatedly seen that when my clients stop deceiving themselves with excuses, commit 100% to their goal, and take specific steps forward, they achieve their goals.  If you are ready to achieve your goals let’s talk.