Let me tell you this right off the bat, being magnetic is NOT about looking like Scarlett Johansson or Ryan Reynolds.  If it was those two would have been happily married at birth and stayed married.

The secret to being magnetic is to live in the moment and bring your full attention to the good in whomever you are with.  Pleasured people are magnetic because they see the good in others and look for ways to make moments more pleasurable for themselves and everyone else.

When I first meet many of my clients, they tell me that their lives “should” be different (i.e. they “should” be married by now). But, when you focus your thoughts on what you don’t have, you miss the very opportunities that you want to attract.

So, what can you do to become more magnetic?

You can start by spending some of your precious time appreciating the good that is in your life right now.  Then, I encourage you to interact more with the people around you in a positive way. You could smile and say “hi,” or you can do something kind like offering your seat on the train.

When you can easily see the good in your own life and in others, and you continuously look for ways to bring pleasure to yourself and everyone around you, you’ll be magnetic!