Dating Help Now

If you would like to be in a deeply fulfilling relationship, I recommend you choose 5 absolutely necessary characteristics which you would be devastated if your partner didn’t have.  For example, perhaps you love traveling and would feel terribly unfulfilled if you weren’t able to travel with your someone special.
In addition, I recommend that you choose 5 it-would-be-nice characteristics, which would be wonderful for your partner to share but you could live without.  For example, perhaps you love watching sports but realize that you could enjoy watching sports with friends and it would be OK if you didn’t share that with your someone special.
HOWEVER, no matter what those characteristics are I strongly urge you to NEVER settle for someone who isn’t healthy, confident, and available.  In other words, if someone is married, or a gambler, or a liar, or any other characteristic that seems seriously unattractive to everyone you respect, run away as fast as you can.  No matter how attractive that person may seem at first, a relationship with someone who isn’t healthy, confident, and available will only lead to drama and drama will eventually drain your energy, finances, and happiness.
If  by some chance you are currently in a relationship with someone who isn’t healthy, confident and available and are having trouble leaving, perhaps you can think of your heroes and think about what they do when faced with a challenge. TAKEAWAY: Healthy, Confident and Available are Non-Negotiable.