Getting dumped sucks and it has happened to all of us. One of the hardest things to accept is the end of a relationship. Immediately after it happens you deserve applause for even making a sandwich. Soon after your friends will probably start nudging you out of the house and you’ll know it is time to force yourself to do things that will help you towards recovery.

The quickest way to get back to yourself is by taking the focus off your ex and putting it back on you. One of the first steps you can take is to box up their crap and get these items away from you.

After that, I recommend making a list of all of the things you enjoyed doing that you haven’t done in a while. You can go to a movie, a museum or even take a class. The options are endless and every time you do something that makes you happy you’ll be slowly and steadily moving forward. Over time you’ll be better than ever and perhaps you will even meet someone who appreciates and values you…. unlike what’s-their-name???