Aw, yes, Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. For those in a relationship, the panic may have already set in…what should we do on Valentine’s Day? Will I need a reservation? Is it too late? How far in advance do you have to plan for this damn holiday, anyway?  For those not in a relationship, the panic may have already set in…how do I get through this obnoxious day? Will people be constantly staring at me when I ask, “table for one?” This day is only made for selling cards and chocolates, anyway! Wake me when it’s over!

Well, put aside your cynicism and take heart. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love in your life and expressing appreciation towards yourself and everyone around you. It’s not about feeling pressure to have a fancy shmancy dinner with your gorgeous lover over champagne and chocolate. Don’t let those commercials fool you.

Love is available to all of us and your relationship status isn’t relevant. Being single on 2/14 is no different than being single on 3/14; it’s just a day and you can make that day as big of a deal as you want. If it makes you happy to celebrate, then go for it. If it doesn’t, no big deal.

If You Are Single on Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a great day to treat yourself to something special like: taking yourself out to lunch, enjoying a little frivolous shopping, sending flowers to yourself, making a decadent desert or drinking delicious glass of your favorite wine.

You can also spend the day doing something meaningful and spreading the love by helping others in need, such as animals, the elderly, or underprivileged children.

Host a party and invite an equal number of men/women and enjoy yourselves.

Cook dinner with friends or family and laugh together.

Create play list of songs which make you happy.

Grab your friend and get dressed up and go somewhere in town that you always wanted to go.

Watch light-hearted romantic comedies alone or with friends, like Some Like it Hot or Chocolat.

You can seek out others celebrating “singles awareness day” aka SAD (albeit not the best name) but a great idea nonetheless– these are people who are celebrating their relationship-free status.

If You Are in a Relationship on Valentine’s Day:

Share a romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant and feed each other.

If you stay at home, you can add special decorations such as flowers, candy hearts, candles, and sexy music to your living space.

Walk hand-in-hand around the closest park and take in the night sky together.

Go sing cheesy love songs together at a local karaoke bar after you enjoy a few drinks

Make each other’s favorite foods and watch a classic love story, like Casablanca.

Write each other little love letters and hide them away in each other’s pockets, purse or briefcase to find later on.

Buy some scented body oil and give each other massages, and then, take a hot bath together.