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Tracey Steinberg

If you’re an accomplished professional who is ready to love your life, I can help you. I’m Lifestyle Expert and Dating Coach, Tracey Steinberg, and my positive words have helped countless people learn how to be happy and how to be confident with my simple and easy techniques.

I’m a former lawyer who pursued my dream of teaching accomplished professionals how to be happy, how to be confident and how to live healthy lifestyles in New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LA) and around the world.

I am the author of “Flirt for Fun & Meet the One,” I’m the creator of the gentle, natural skincare line called, “Sparkling Skincare,” I’ve been an expert spokesperson on confidence for a national campaign for Marshalls department stores, and my positive words regularly appear in various media outlets. I’m passionate about helping accomplished professionals learn how to be happy and how to be confident and I look forward to helping you learn how to be happy, healthy and confident as well!

What People Are Saying About Tracey:


" Reaching out to life coach expert - Tracey Steinberg is the single best decision I've made in a long long time. After hearing my woes, Tracey was immediately able to course correct. She worked with me to develop a plan, guided me on a weekly basis, accompanied me as I implemented her recommendations - fixing my dating profiles, how I approached women, my confidence, what I said, what I wore - everything. And boom! In a couple of weeks I saw improved results. People around me saw my confidence had improved. I was out dating women (i.e. women I wanted to date), again. I cannot say enough about Tracey and how good she is. Not only is Tracey very good at what she does, she is also a very good human being. Sign up to be mentored and coached by her and you will see real positive results. The experience is of tremendous value – life changing. Just do it and do it now!"

- Gautam Pardhy of Springfield, NJ
"I truly appreciate that Tracey's commitment to my well-being and happiness is clear. She is always supportive, open and ensures that her coaching styles meet my needs. As she encourages me to take risks and try new ideas to reach my goals, it's extremely reassuring that Tracey is ready to lend her strength and guidance to help me along my journey. I'm definitely excited about my present and new future because of my time with Tracey!"

Robin Jenkins of New York, NY
"Eye contact, using their name, looking them in the eye, give them your full attention... you now have an instruction manual on how to find a partner!"

Ryan Seacrest said about Tracey Steinberg's advice on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest"
"It was an amazing result! I thought it would take 3 years to fix it, but she fix me up within 1 MONTH!! No one else out there will do like she does. I am living my dream right now, I am not pouting anymore! Her way of fixing up is nothing like the others. She tells me things I can do step by step from week to week. Just follow her. Trust her, she knows how to get you out there. Well worth money we can spend! She is the life teacher. Thank you ever so much! You are the biggest ANGEL in my life!!"

Tomoko Tyler, Syracuse, NY
"She can play the role of the Cyrano de Bergerac, whispering a witty compliment in a client's ear; be the playful wing woman who chats up the spare man at the table; or just observe and critique across a crowded bar."

Wall Street Journal wrote about Tracey Steinberg's coaching
"I met Tracey when I was at rock bottom of rock bottom. "Life" wasn't really going as I had planned it and things seemed quite overwhelming. I remember filling out all the handouts that she had passed onto me and breaking down all my goals. To this day, even though it was about a year ago that I had met her I am still using those handouts. To give an example of how they work, when I met Tracey one of my goals was to be in better health. I was a size 10 pushing a 12, I am now a size 2! And currently preparing for nationals where I'll be vying for the title of Ms.United States! yay! Thanks, Tracey!"

Nency Escamilla, Ms. New York United States 2011
"It is not surprising that Tracey Steinberg is a coach. In all of my experiences meeting new people, Tracey is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She is great at resolving people's issues and she knows how to help you find what or who you are looking for. Tracey is a good pick me up! Tracey has the ability to show you how to get what and who you want in your life. Ms. Tracey is a fantastic person and a very good listener. I Vote Yes To Tracey!"

Sherrie Vamos of Jersey City, NJ
"And with Steinberg at her side goading her, she suddenly picked a target and just went for it. Becky had achieved her goal; she'd put aside fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of being boring, fear of being too short, tall, old, young, whatever, and had broken the ice with complete strangers."

CNN wrote about Tracey Steinberg's coaching
"Tracey helps me to focus on what is most important to me, inspires me to go for it, and gives me customized and concrete action steps which make it happen. If you are looking to further your life, take a coaching session with her now!"

Jodi Garner, New York, NY
"Tracey is very special friend who helped me align my priorities both personally and professionally. Tracey and I worked on several affirmations that reminded and motivated me to work on my priorities every day. The weekly tasks (assignments) were extremely helpful to communicate my feelings and ideas to the people I liked. After completing the course, I was able to successfully start a conversation and expand it based on the person's interest. I am thankful for teaching me things that made me happy."

Harsh Shinde, Jersey City, NJ
"After co-hosting our Learning Annex dating class together twice we were speaking as though we were reading the same script, except we did not have one. No one wanted to leave our class and I left knowing the women now had a new level of introspection and confidence to find that special someone."

David Groshen of
"Tracey is an incredible coach. She puts me at ease and I can truly be myself with her. She is supportive, skilled, and truly cares. I look forward to our coaching sessions, knowing that every time we meet I get insights, help with challenges, and encouragement that helps me progress towards my goals. I cannot put a price on the value I have received from Tracey’s coaching; it has made a transformational difference in my life."

L.A. Braman, Golden, Colorado
"Tracey was such an incredible speaker at Single in Stilettos. She gave single women the most amazing flirting tips & techniques. Even the most shy woman walked away feeling empowered and positive about trying out the new techniques to attract the right guy for her."

Suzanne K. Oshima, Founder of
"Tracey was an absolute delight to work with. Her flirting techniques made for a great interactive workshop for our HurryDaters."

Adele Testani, Co-Founder of
"What made us at ease was her frank and flowing presentation. Tracey gave a special talk to my art students about online dating profile making and first impressions. Because of her ability to relate to our particular group and individual questions, we not only got excited about dating but also benefited from practical applications to present ourselves better in general."

Aki Sasamoto, Visual Arts Mentor, Columbia University
"You're NOT just a coach Tracey, you are a mirror of light that shines bright who inspires others to see that light within themselves!" Marc Hupert of NY, NY
"I would HIGHLY recommend Tracey's service. I refer to Tracey as the female version of "Hitch" from the Will Smith movie in 2005. Tracey truly loves what she does and knows what she is talking about. Due to Tracey's excellent advice, my dating life has improved and I truly have to thank Tracey for it!!!!"

C. Woodland of New York, NY
"I got awesome feedback on your workshop. You were lovely to work with and all the participants seemed to enjoy themselves very much."

Caroline Kohles, Senior Director of Health and Wellness at
"Tracey, it was lovely having you as our guest and the special interactive talkback after the "Miss Abigail" show was wonderful!"

Jennifer Tepper, Director of Promotions, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises
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